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♦  Do you want to be the one who shortchanges your own business?

Of course not.

How often have you felt you’re wasting valuable time (and your family’s time) – day and night; seven days a week – on projects and tasks that you know should be done more quickly and with less strain?

How much of your firm’s time and critical resources are being wasted fighting fires, rather than building a stronger, fire-resistant foundation for your business?

When you look at the costs of campaigns, promotions, publications, advertising, public relations, and other communications efforts, do you know how effective (or ineffective) they are at bringing in leads and revenue? Are you getting a worthwhile ROI?

Would you like meaningful results in less time, at less cost, without sacrificing quality or giving up critical operations and support?

Then call Souhegan Business Advisors today to find out how having our team at your disposal can help!

How many nights have you spent wondering which of your operations are expendable – when in truth you know none are?

Think about the effect on your bottom line if you could:

  • sharpen your brand image into a clearly articulated, customer-focused message
  • develop a plan for marketing and sales support modeled on your future growth, rather than scrambling to catch up with each new campaign or product launch
  • build sales and brand recognition by focusing your Web site content and structure from your customer’s perspective and needs
  • save up to 40-50% of the time you and your sales staff spend on the preparation of sales proposals (and save your weekends for something more fun!)
  • realize as much as 30-50% per year savings in both time and $$$ in press release creation and distribution
  • shave your expenses for trade shows and other specials events
  • negotiate more reasonable fees from outside agencies and service providers
  • cut your $$$ and time commitments for sales collateral significantly, with higher-quality results
  • grow your customer base and build revenue by freeing more resources to concentrate on business-critical operations

These are just some of the ways in which Souhegan Business Advisors have helped others, and how we can help you. We can look at those parts of your operations and processes that are all too often overlooked, or inadvertently left on the back burner or bottom drawer and forgotten about in the crush of day-to-day business.

Our goal is to find those areas in your operations — frequently deceptively small but which, if left unattended for too long can in short time create an unacceptable drain on your profitability.

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Souhegan Business Advisors have saved companies tens, even hundreds, of thousands of dollars through expert analysis of project and process operations. Even a good system can be made better. Whether yours is a relatively small or young business, or even a successful and growing one, our unique view of profit retention and recovery can help protect and grow your bottom line.

CALL US TODAY!  Find out how Souhegan Business Advisors can help you prepare now for the opportunities that are just around the corner.  603-321-8272.

We have advised and helped businesses in high-tech, low-tech, and “no-tech” industries make their promotional and business development activities more efficient, less costly, and more effective – sometimes with relatively small adjustments to certain operations and processes, and sometimes with more in-depth strategic messaging and brand positioning to bring more order and integration into their communications and promotional activities.

Souhegan Business Advisors can be your partner in all aspects of PR and marketing communications, product launches, and marketing campaigns. Our expertise runs the gamut from brand and image development and promotion, service supplier and external agency management, team building and process management, and even executive-level leadership.

Our advisory services are particularly helpful for start-up enterprises, small- to mid-sized companies of all types, and divisions of larger companies. Our expertise runs the gamut of profit recovery and retention operations:

  • On-point brand and product messaging
  • Strategic communications strategy and implementation plans
  • Integration of implementation plans and communications tools throughout external-focused operations (e.g., marketing, advertising, PR, event support, executive and sales presentations and speeches, etc.)
  • Streamlining and integration of internal communications processes and systems
  • Aligning of sales and marketing strategies, plans, and supporting tools (e.g., sales guides, talking points, presentations, competitive analysis of strengths and weaknesses, sales proposals, etc.)
  • Thought leadership campaigns based on your strategic plan (through executive interviews, profiles, articles, and coaching of speakers and public representatives)
  • High-level business writing (e.g., articles, white papers, brochures, annual reports, etc.)
  • Analysis of, and adaptation to, the changing competitive environment, including sales talking points regarding relative strengths and weaknesses of your company and products vs. the competition

Call us today. Protect your bottom line. Be a hero; don’t shortchange yourself or your customers.

Souhegan Business ♦ 603.321.8272